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Silhouette of Scuba Divers
Frequently asked questions
  • What about safety?
    Safety first is one of our core values all of our courses will always have a minimum of three highly trained professionals, from your Instructor to Divemaster and the surface cover they all have medical first aid training that is specific to diving. a fully stock first aid kit is always on hand this makes sure that we have the odd plaster for a stubbed toe and anything else that might happen. All our team undertake annual HSE medicals to ensure they are fit & healthy and regular rescue assessments and workshops happen throughout the year again this is all in line with our safety first number one core value.
  • Does your team all have a DBS check?
    Yes, every member of the team will have an up to date DBS check and we have a child safe guarding policy in place.
  • What do I need to bring with me
    All the equipment can be provided but it is recommended that you purchase a mask & snorkel which we can supply for you ready for your first day in the water. Bring plenty of snacks & drinks and be ready to learn about this amazing underwater world and how you can be part of it. Hot drinks will be on hand with a healthy supply of chocolate biscuits. Lunch can be arranged prior to attending the course at an nominal cost.
  • I can't swim
    Thats not a problem, whilst there is a little swimming that is a requirement its not too taxing and we can help with that. But you don't need to be a good swimmer to be a diver.
  • How long does the open water course take?
    Generally it takes about 3 days of training plus the online academic portion which needs to be completed before you start the course. You can do the academic portion during the 3 days but we find if its completed beforehand it is better on the student. 1 day is confined water sessions followed by two days in open water where you have 4 qualifying dives.
  • I was thinking of going abroad to learn to dive?
    Great question in our experience taking on average 3 to 4 days out of your holiday to learn can be challenging. With potential illness or time constraints, most of our clients learn over here with a short trip over to Malta or Lanzorote to do their qualifying dives. What we have found is when they came back from their holiday they got so much more out of the diving because all they have to do is dive and enjoy the underwater world.
  • There looks like a lot of different courses. how do I know what to choose once I am a diver?
    When you first come into the store one of the team will sit down a go through what your goals and aspirations are with diving. This will include where you want to dive how often what type of diving etc. At the end of the discussion, they will map out the whole plan for you to go away and look at. After that it's just a case of when do I get started.
  • What happens after my Open Water Course?
    We promote regular coaching sessions after your course just to get yourself used to diving meet new divers and find dive buddies. on average our students have approx 6 coaching sessions in their first year and then regular sessions say once a quarter. We have found that students and divers get more out of new courses when they progress but also become a better all rounded diver.
  • Its expensive can I spread out the payments?
    Scuba Diving is definitely up there with being a costly sport, However, we recognise this and if you talk to the team we can find a payment plan that suits your budget.
  • Where can I buy all the gear?
    Scuba Diver Pro has partnerships set up with many of the well known brands and can often quote good prices and packages that are specific to your needs.
  • I don't have the budget for new equipment can you supply used?
    We renew our training kit on an annual basis so you can take the opportunity of the offers that we can provide, your Instructor will be able to let you know whats available and when.
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